Estate Administration Services

Estate and Trust Administration Services

Post-Death Estate and Trust Services

Following is a list of the primary estate and trust services provided by Arizona Estate and Trust Law, PLC in administering probate estates or revocable living trusts following an individual’s death:

  • Advising the client of his or her administrative responsibilities in serving as the personal representative of a decedent’s probate estate or as the trustee of the “new” trusts created by the provisions of the decedent’s trust agreement.
  • Helping the client assemble and classify all of the decedent’s various assets and valuing them for tax purposes.
  • Helping the client collect all proceeds payable to the estate, the trust, or the beneficiaries from all possible sources.
  • Establishing and funding an interim “administrative trust” for the post-death administration of a decedent’s revocable living trust document.
  • Establishing and funding the post-death trust or trusts specified in the decedent’s revocable living trust document.
  • Obtaining taxpayer identification numbers from the Internal Revenue Service for a probate estate or post-death trusts established as separate tax-paying entities.
  • Working with the client’s other professional advisors to document the valuations of the decedent’s assets for tax and distribution purposes.
  • Preparing and filing any estate tax returns required by the decedent’s death.
  • Advising the client on the client’s options (and the advantages and disadvantages associated with each option) in transferring the decedent’s assets to the beneficiaries.
  • Transferring the ultimate legal ownership of all assets owned by the decedent to the designated beneficiaries.
  • Updating a surviving spouse’s personal estate plan documents to reflect the decedent’s death.