What is an Arizona Personal Property Statement?

Last Updated on August 21, 2022 by Paul Dunn

 In Arizona, a person can leave specific items of tangible personal property to specific beneficiaries by creating a Personal Property Statement or List as long as that property is not specifically disposed of by their Will. For example, a person may have a family heirloom that he or she wants to go to a particular family member. Preparing such a statement or list does not require the services of an attorney or a revision of their Will. Moreover, the statement or list can be redone or changed at any time without having to redo or change their Will. The Arizona statute authorizing this means of disposing of tangible personal property appears below.

14-2513.  References to separate lists

     A.  Notwithstanding section 14-2503 relating to holographic wills, a will may refer to a written statement or list to dispose of items of tangible personal property other than money and not otherwise specifically disposed of by the will.

     B.  To be admissible under this section as evidence of the intended disposition, the writing shall either be in the testator’s handwriting or be signed by the testator and shall describe the items and the devisees with reasonable certainty.

     C.  The writing may be:

     1.  Referred to as one to be in existence at the time of the testator’s death.

     2.  Prepared before or after the execution of the will.

     3.  Altered by the testator after its preparation.

     4.  A writing that has no significance apart from its effect on the dispositions made by the will.