Client Reviews


Living Trusts (Posted by Bob)
My wife and I moved to AZ in April, 2019. We had an existing CA Living Trust that was very old. Wanting to update the Trust, we reviewed the Avvo Attorney list and selected Paul Dunn on the basis of his lengthy estate planning experience.

We were very satisfied with the outcome. He is extraordinarily knowledgeable, exceptionally well organized and thorough. He takes the time to clarify and offers explanations for various options. When completed, the written Trust was well crafted with minimal hard-to-understand legalize. In addition to the Trust, he provides additional supporting documents that will be useful, depending on our future needs. His product is a complete package.

In summary, we recommend Paul Dunn for activities related to estate planning and trust creation.

ONE OF THE BEST (Posted by Ken)
I first consulted Paul Dunn about 25 years ago for help in settling my mother’s estate. More recently I called on him to set up a family trust for my wife and I. His knowledge and attention to detail was impressive. In the intervening years, I have sent several friends to Paul and, without exception, they have thanked me for a referral to Paul Dunn, an EXCELLENT attorney.

Paul Dunn the lawyer you should hire (Posted by Linda)
When my mother passed away, she left an extremely challenging estate for me to administer as her successor trustee. Paul helped me sort out all of the complexities. We had to work with real estate located in three different states and oil and gas interests scattered over a dozen counties in two different states. We also had to deal with numerous securities registered inside and outside my mother’s trust with multiple brokerages and transfer agents. With Paul’s help and his smile, we were able to work our way through all of these situations.

There were times when we had to think “outside the box” to successfully navigate some of the entanglements confronting us. The estate was a mess. But now it is all neat and tidy. This could not have been accomplished without Paul’s broad legal knowledge combined with his technological expertise and attention to detail. I definitely could not have administered my mother’s estate without Paul’s legal guidance.

I am happy to say that Paul has become a friend and not just my lawyer. He is one in a million.

Thank you Paul. Words are not enough.


Very Satisfied Client (Posted by anonymous
Moving here from another state left me with a few questions about our 17 year old Trust. Paul knew exactly what had to be done to update the Trust to comply with Az laws. He also helped me Power of Atty for Healthcare, etc. He is extremely knowledgeable and always speaks in terms clients can understand. I would absolutely, without any doubts, recommend Paul to friends, family, anybody who needs his expertise. He is friendly and always looking out for his clients welfare and best interest. Outstanding lawyer!!!

Very pleased trust client (Posted by Susan)
Paul Dunn was recommended to me by some good friends. I needed my trust documents updated. Paul did a wonderful job for me; so very meticulous and professional. I am most pleased with his services, and felt very confident in his ability to “clean up” my trust and make it even better! I would be happy to recommend him.

Paul Dunn, an excellent choice for your estate planning needs (Posted by Michelle)
We first met with Paul Dunn in 2007 and then again in 2013 to update our wills, POA’s and other estate documents. Our situation was somewhat complicated by some difficult family situations that needed to be addressed in the designations of our beneficiaries. We also own commercial real estate in another state. Paul was able to efficiently sort things out and provide us with excellent advice and the corresponding documents that we needed. Paul explained everything to us in a manner we could easily understand. Our meetings with Paul were always pleasant and upbeat. We can honestly say he is one of the best attorney’s we have ever worked with.

A Superb and Dedicated Lawyer (Posted by Miriam)
I highly recommend Paul Dunn. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, but his work is of the highest caliber. His work is characterized by attention to detail and helpful advice. He responds to problems expeditiously and attentively. He successfully resolved all issues that arose in a contested probate matter in which I was involved. Again, I highly recommend him.

Satisfied Trust Clients (Posted by Arizona Couple)
We first met with Paul Dunn in 1984. We had 3 teen-aged children and we wanted to prepare for their futures, especially if something happened to us. Paul created our Family Trust at that time and over the years Paul has kept us informed of changes in the laws and how the new laws impacted our changing personal situation. Paul has taken the time to discuss our wishes and goals and has helped us to modify our original Trust to accomplish these goals. On a personal note, Paul is absolutely meticulous about his documents and his knowledge of the current laws affecting Estates and Trusts. We have always valued our relationship with Paul Dunn and consider him our friend. We know that he has always looked after our best interests. We feel confident in Paul Dunn’s ability and knowledge of Estate and Trust Law.

Paul has done all of our trust and estate planning (Posted by John)
Paul created our estate plan, wills and trusts in 1982. His advice through the years has been invaluable. He advised us of a trust that saved us enough to pay for the prep schooling and college education of our grandchildren.

We know Paul to be very knowledgeable and current in his practice. He is totally trustworthy. He has been keeping us informed of changes that affect our trusts since 1982.

Outstanding knowledge, skills and abilities (Posted by John)
Outstanding knowledge, skills and abilities. His advice was most accurate and timely. He anticipated inquiries and potential problems and provided responses to them.

Paul Dunn is the finest attorney I have ever worked with. I would recommend him without any hesitation or reservation.

Paul did Our Parents’ and Our Estate Plans (Posted by anonymous)
Paul was first hired by my father to work on my parents Trust. Meeting him through my parents he proved to be very knowledgeable about his work and took time to explain issues to where they were clearly understood by us. He gave us a sense of confidence with the issues at hand. When my husband and I were ready to have a Trust drawn up, we went to Paul without a second thought. Though he lives 100 miles away from us, we felt his expertise was worth the trip. He listened to our concerns and advised us on the best way to have them drawn up. When we have questions, we do not hesitate to contact Paul to get them answered. With his excellent knowledge of Trusts, and his friendly way of working, we felt comfortable working with him on this important part of our lives.